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Season 1: 2002 Sunting

Kartu judul Nama Musuh Code Premiered
[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Rudy's First Adventure Reggae Burnett {{{Kode Prod}}} March 22, 2002

While in detention, Rudy finds out about the magic chalk and he goes to ChalkZone, a place where all the erased chalk pictures go to. He meets up with Snap, a picture of a superhero that Rudy drew in 2nd grade, and a monster named Bully-Nerd based on Bruno Bullnerd. With Snap's help, can Rudy beat the thick-headed monster.

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Rudy's Story {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} March 22, 2002

Everyone comes back from vacation and has to read their writing piece to the Rudy drew a comic book of his ChalkZone Adventures in ChalkZone. Rudy has to stay back after and write a real story of his vacation. Rudy then explains his story to the new girl, Penny!

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] French Fry Falls {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} March 29, 2002

Rudy, Snap and Penny are floating down a river when Rudy meets a familiar drawing. He meets his past drawing of Biclops and he has a bone to pick with Rudy. When Rudy was 8, one day, at school, he received a letter: Rudy, hows abouts you and me take a trip to the Amazin' River. From Snap. Rudy goes into Chalkzone and falls into the river. It's in pieces. He connects it with his magic chalk. He draws a wooden sneaker. The biclops took it up. Rudy flies into the sky. Some pencils destroy Rudy's balloon. And his magic chalk is used up. He and Snap fall into a place guarded by the biclops called "Magic Chalk Mines." The biclops says, "Ye must'nt be takin any of that magic chalk, ye!" It's now Rudy Tabootie vs. Biclops in a match for some Magic Chalk. Can Rudy defeat this giant?

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Gift Adrift {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} March 29, 2002

Rudy leaves the vacuum for his dad’s birthday with Snap in Chalkzone, but Snap accidentally turns it on and the vacuum sucks up everything in sight. Can and will Rudy and Penny save Chalkzone?

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] The Skwarl {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} April 5, 2002

Skwarl, a drawing that Rudy began to draw, is unhappy about his looks and he has gone to get his vengeance.

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Pie Day {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} April 5, 2002

Snap wishes to save Day from the angry people that say that dessert is not before lunch. But what really is happening is people throw pies at each other. Not eat them!

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Secret Passages {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} April 5, 2002

Rudy and Penny use Chalkzone as a way to get back to their school to recover a hamster

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Snapmobile {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} April 12, 2002

Snap gets a voice activated car and he says anything and the car will go there. He gets First prize at the car show by Queen, and then takes Queen Rapsheeba for a ride.

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Rudy's Date {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} April 12, 2002

Penny’s formula was erased and Rudy and Penny go into chalkzone to find it.

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Future Zone {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} April 12, 2002

Penny and Rudy have to do a report on future inventions where they go into chalkzone. Then a robot, Craniac 3, sees Rudy drawing with the chalk, it tries to use the chalk, but fails (only humans can use the chalk). It takes Rudy into the dome of the future, with all these useless and stupid inventions.

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Snap out of Water {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} April 26, 2002

Rudy and Snap find a new island in Chalkzone and go have a barbecue and Snap was chased out of Chalkzone. Penny covers by saying that Snap was Rudy’s replacement in a foreign exchange program. Meanwhile, Rudy is escaping the rough waters of Chalkzone.

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Two Left Feet {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} April 26, 2002

Snap watches Rapsheba perform in the beginning of this episode. Everyone begins to dance to the Square Dance, but two giant feet ruin things for everyone.

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Rudus Tabootus {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} April 26, 2002

Rudy goes in a trip to the coliseum. But all his parents want to do is eat. Rudy goes to check it out himself and finds ancient chalk drawings and draws a chalk portal and goes to the past Chalkzone where he is up against a really tough lion. Snap gives Rudy the idea to be a lion tamer and the lion turns into a harmless kitty. The emperor meets with Rudy to congratulate him. Then Rudy gets challenged by a farting guy for a chariot race. Will Rudy defeat him in this race?

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] The Wiggies {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} May 31, 2002

Hair eating frogs from Chalk Zone have invaded PlainsVille. Can Rudy and Penny send them back and save the hair of PlainsVille?

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Rapunzel {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} May 31, 2002

Snap takes Penny and Rudy to see Chalk Zone's biggest's singing sensation Rapsheba. But, a thundercloud ruins the concert.

[[image:{{{Kartu judul}}}|80px]] Hair to Stay {{{Musuh}}} {{{Kode Prod}}} May 31, 2002

A walking mustache gives Snap problems through out the course of his day.